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The finest combination of clean boost and fuzz in one pedal.

9 o'clock is basically a touch above unity with no fuzz at all filtered in..

Noon would be loud clean boost, fuzz is very light kinda sounds like a fuzz face rolled off but you are starting to get natural amp distortion in the mix as well..

3 o'clock.. fuzz is in effect, clean boost is pushing your amp.. Dimed = more of the same.. But getting real hairy...

So its a mixture and/or Blend of 3 factors FUZZ/Clean boost/Natural Amp distortion.. Wherever the knob is set on the box you have a different mix which leads to a different tone..

Black Beauty Balance

The first control, a (blend pot) control that will take you from vintage Dallas Rangemaster to 67 Ge fuzz face heaven and everything in between, even tweed amp tones are in there.. 2nd control is a saturation blend.. 3rd is a Master volume.. A very versatile unit that can blend many different shades of Ge fuzz face, Dallas Rangemaster, Distortion, Overdrive, Flat boost, Warm clean boost.. the possibilities are endless...

Stable Handpicked Germanium mil spec transistor ensures the smoothest, harmonically rich, musical amp like tone available, ANYWHERE..

Internal trim pot lets you select the bias at anytime.

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