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A vintage trio of select Germanium transistors give this bender all the versatility you could ever want in a dirt box. Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and countless others have used benders all over their recordings from way back.

My fascination with the MkI and MkII professional circuit led me to create the MK12 in which I believe is the best bender money can buy. It is smooth, raunchy and lo- fi with absolutely no sputter or funky gate.. I have tuned this circuit to replicate the first two Zep albums and beyond.

Circuit is "Hand Wired" featuring obsolete 60's and 70's Ge transistors from my personal collection.

Jon Vecellio

I talked to Sean Michael during the initial roll out of this pedal. The chrome version uses period correct OC76 trannies. After some issues with housings and the quality not being up to LP standards, Sean went with a Hammertone finish housing but also changed to NKT275 trannies.

So the Hammertone is much higher gain and also a lot noisier than the original chrome Mk12's. I just feel that is a big difference to the uninitiated user.


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