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With the Amp Eleven, Lovepedal has really nailed the fat, organic tone of an overdriven tube amp – with separate controls for bass and tone. Then, he couples the overdrive with an additional boost circuit. Kick the boost footswitch and you can instantly pivot from gritty rhythm riffs to screaming leads…or anything in between.

You're probably already familiar with stompboxes that offer overdrive and boost. But when Sean brings them together in the Amp Eleven, you get the perfect "shot-and-a-beer" combination: a no-nonsense classic that's ideal for just about any setting – from the coffeehouse to the concert stage.


  • 9VDC to 18V Input
  • True Bypass LED Status
  • Compact Die cast Aluminum Case 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2"


  • DRIVE - Sets the amount of overdrive
  • LEVEL - Master volume control
  • TONE - Softens the treble content
  • BASS - Increases BASS response without cutting treble
  • BOOST - Sets the amount of boost
  • BYPASS SWITCH - Turns effect ON or OFF
  • BOOST SWITCH - Turns effect ON or OFF

Prymaxe about the Prymaxe Limited Edition

The Prymaxe exclusive Lovepedal Amp Eleven overdrive was specially voiced in collaboration with Prymaxe Vintage's own overdrive junky Mike Hermans and offers independent switching for the first time. These tweaks take what was already an amazing sounding, highly sought after overdrive to the next level of Lovepedal warm overdriven glory.  Independent switching was always a tweak Amp Eleven enthusiasts have asked Sean to add to this incredible overdrive. It is now finally available for the first time exclusively through Prymaxe Vintage!

All of you COT50 fans should take note no one has ever heard THIS modified COT50 in its singular state, it has always been coupled to the overdrive circuit. This COT50 is warmer, more round sounding, and more lush when compared to any other COT50 Lovepedal has ever produced. This exclusive Amp Eleven is a new sound that COT50 users will find absolutely addictive and an essential in their tonal pallet. The circuit works extremely well with ANY amp even fender based, mid starved, black face originals or reissues.

This Prymaxe exclusive Lovepedal Amp Eleven is by far and away one of the best sounding and most dynamic overdrive pedals you could ever add to your rig. It's not too often a pedal comes along that will immediately take the top spot on your pedal board from get go, but this time Lovepedal has done it again.

Lovepedal Amp Eleven Overdrive Features:

  • The circuit has around a 10 mA draw and can run from 7VDC to 18VDC
  • Custom black enclosure
  • Independent switching with LED status for each side
  • Bass, Treb, Volume, and Drive controls on the Overdrive side
  • Single Bias control on the boost side

Notes on the Bias Control:

The Bias control is used as a gain for these key reasons:

  • You get to control and sweep 3 parameters on a single knob

  • You get a nice eq trim as your forward the bias which is good. Nobody likes their amp farting out with an absurd, overload of bass while trying to create more compression and clipping. So while forwarding the bias you do get a "trim" in bass response, but that is a good thing as you push your amp or the next section of a drive circuit.

  • By forwarding the BIAS you make the transistor work harder, creating sustain, clipping and natural compression

  • You get a volume bump because the circuit is being biased hotter as you advance the control which in turn pushes an already over driven amp into pure tonal bliss or another drive type circuit that succeeds it. This is great for a boost because it meets the requirement for live use and getting your tone above the rest of the band to stand out.. This is how I use the unit.. When playing with a band sometimes as a guitar player you get drowned out by everything else and when it comes time for your solo you need to jump up above the mix and cut through to be heard. The circuit enables a guitarist to STAND OUT when they need to most.

* Take note the boost side can crackle like an old Rangemaster when you adjust it as it is driving the circuit hard and there is DC across control.  This noise only occurs on adjusting and is normal.  If it’s too bothersome disengage the unit before adjusting or just strike a chord to soak up the DC during adjusting.

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