Lovepedal Amp 50



The AMP 50™ is the most compact version of the COT series. The circuit has been modified to give cleaner tones at the bottom of the gain / bias sweep and dirtier tones at the top. It can function as a clean boost, dirty boost, stand alone OD or gnarly fuzz box depending on the amplifier used, guitar vol. adjustment and gain / bias control setting. This version will also stack unbelievably well with other drive units leading to increased sustain, tone and overall dynamics.

It is one magical little box that I have had years to perfect.


  • 9VDC input
  • External Gain Bias Control
  • Relay Switching
  • True Bypass
  • LED Status
  • Super Compact Diecast Aluminum Case
  • 3"5/8 (L) x 1"1/2 (W) x 1"1/4 (H)

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