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The Mojo Drive is a handmade overdrive/distortion pedal designed to sound and feel exactly like a great amp cranked up. It is always FAT and tight sounding, never flabby or indistinct. The Mojo Drive boosts all frequencies; it will not cut your lows or give you a big midrange hump like many pedals can. In addition, it has a very authoritative tone and easily competes with other overdrive pedals, including many that cost much more. I could go on but I feel its tone speaks for itself, plug it in and I think you will agree!

The 3-way switch on the right of the pedal gives you three distinct sounds. The up setting is Crunch, reminiscent is a great Marshall. The middle setting is Boost, named because this setting clips the signal less and is the loudest. The bottom position is the Vintage setting and has a tone reminiscent of an idealized Tube Screamer. This is the quietest setting. Using this switch and the gain control gives you access to a number of different tones, great for adjusting to different guitars or rooms for live use.

Only the best components are used: Switchcraft jacks, top quality 3PDT stomp switch for true bypass, mil-spec socketed IC, carbon composition resistors and nice film caps. In addition, the Mojo Drive is built on a commercial grade circuit board and is housed in a cast aluminum box that is very tough.

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