Lounsberry Tall & Fat - FET Clean Boost



Lounsberry Pedals Tall & Fat Preamp

RONNIE FOSTER says "Quite simply the Lounsberry Tall and Fat is an Amazing pedal....if you're missing that warm round tube sound of an AO-28 preamp on your Clonewheel....this is what you need....It's Magic...it really is Magic...loving it"

The new Tall & Fat is a multi-stage analog FET preamp for digital keyboards, clonewheels and sample players. It is the missing link between your digital keyboard, and the analog sound you hear in your brain. Jim Alfredson says: "I love it. It's adding a beautiful round glow to the digital Hammond, masking that digital high-end harshness. It even makes the internal Leslie sim sound better somehow. I think you have a winner!"


Nothing could be simpler. Advance the "Fat" control to add fatness, grit and growl (depending on
level). Use the "Tall" control to balance the level against the bypassed signal. True bypass is available via the stomp switch. Use 1/4" T/S cables only. The use of a TRS cable at the input defeats the power switch. Unplug the input cable when not in use to preserve battery life.


  • 9 volts
  • 100ma
  • 2.1mm x 5.5 mm plug
  • Negative tip

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