Lounsberry Nigel - Touch Overdrive


Greg Lounsberry

Nigel Touch Overdrive Pedal - true bypass. The Nigel is a very responsive overdrive that can go from warm semi-clean to full on classic rock crunch. It retains clarity and works well with complex chord shapes such as Maj7 chords (dime it and play a Maj7 chord and be surprised).

The Nigel pedal is hand built by progressive rock guitarist Greg Lounsberry, (of the bands, Canvas and October Tree) one at a time. Greg uses point to point wiring and fish paper circuit boards using wiring techniques from 1950's guitar amps.

The Nigel is a multi stage overdrive that uses FETs to simulate vacuum tubes and both Schottky, and NOS Germanium diodes in the clipping stage. All of this is dumped into the input stage of a final FET amp that gets Creamy and FAT as it saturates.

The package is finished off with custom Steam Punk Graphics by artist, Mark Hershberger, with Gold Speed Knobs over a copper color powder coated enclosure. This makes for a great classic rock pedal that never sounds brittle and looks as sweet as it sounds.

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