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The Morphine Dream is the coolest pedal to hit the market since the WTF.  A dreamy, psychedelic eight-stage phaser with fuzzy vintage distortion up-front, this pedal sounds almost 40-years-old!  Speed changes are done with an organic ramping effect that nicely simulates a rotating speaker.  Many tones are in this box, from watery "Woodstock-style" vibe to insane flanged distortion and everything in between.

4 foot switches control the following:

  • Normal/Effect (electronic true bypass)with LED Indicator
  • Fuzz On/Off
  • Shallow/Deep with LED Indicators
  • Slow/Fast with LED Indicators

The foot switches eliminate the six-position preset switch which was standard on the AP-7. This will give the user total control over every aspect of the circuit.

  • 18v circuit that runs on a standard external 9VDC supply (there is no provision for batteries)
  • Hand-built and designed in the United States, this pedal contains three circuit boards and over 200 parts. It's wired with aerospace-grade Teflon-jacketed, silver plated wire.
  • Metal Neutrik In/Out Jacks
  • Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant

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