Lotus Pedals


    Lotus Pedal Designs LLC is run by Sean Erspamer. They are located in Duluth, Minnesota USA.

    Timeline (by Sean Erspamer)

    • November 2009: started designing pedals
    • February 2010: first prototype complete
    • May 2010: first order for a pedal
    • June 2010: Lotus Pedal Designs is formed
    • August 2010: product line is 5 pedals
    • March 2011: silent partner enters picture for financial backing
    • August 2011: attend Nashville Amp Expo
    • November 2011: officially incorporated as LLC
    • November 2011: Lotus Yellow reviewed in Premier Guitar
    • January 2012: teleased the "Desire Boost", the 9th pedal in our line.

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