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Are you looking for a way to tell the time and not look at your watch while on stage, then try our Stomp Clock. This utility pedal allows you to tell the time simply by stomping the switch. A clock display lets you easily know the time. Just stomp the switch and the time will be displayed for 5 seconds. The time will display automatically each fifteen minutes and on the hour. Rather use it as a stop watch function ... yea it can do that also. Easily know when it is time to break or end, just by looking down at the pedal. Yep, the fans will never know you are monitoring the time. What is the Plus--This pedal also has an A B switch function built into it. Stomp the switch to switch between an A or B output or hold the switch down for 1 second to get an A and B output. The A B function works equally well for Guitar, Bass or other instruments.

Key Features:

  • Automatically flashes the time at set intervals
  • Guitar/Bass input with an A or B or Both output
  • Internal battery or External powered
  • Locks together with other Lock and Rock pedals
  • Single switch control for Time
  • Single switch control for A B
  • Switches that feels good
  • Low battery detection
  • Low Low battery detection

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