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You don't want that sweet natural boost--then try out our Sour Boost. This pedal gives you the ability to get that smooth, warm blues tone of overdriven tubes all the way to the heavy metal distortion. This pedal is ideal for a wide variety of distortion settings. Like having an over drive pedal that sets quickly from smooth to screaming heavy metal. The pedal that gives you that Sour Boost - clean or dirty. You want to cut or boost the midrange, yea it can be adjusted. A distortion pedal with Tone Control as well as Drive control. Finally a distortion pedal that gives the sound you want. Don't adjust the sound you want, select it. NEW--you can save a preferred setting, you'll know what your pedal setting will always be when you power up--get that exact setting every time without making an adjustment.

Switches allows you to set the distortion level as well as the tone--no POTs to adjust. Be able to quickly set the tone and distortion levels, simply by stomping the switch. Just keep playing and adjust.

Note from Tom-- I saw the Mighty Orq using the pedal in a way I haven't considered. He keeps the Sour Boost on all night and for some solo's he would bump up the tone a couple of levels to add in more treble. He did this as opposed to increasing distortion, this really worked well and gave some great tone. He was playing with a Vibro King on 2 and with the sour boost setting he was using he had the tone as if his volume was on 7--just not as loud. The Sour Boost can give that overdriven tube sound at any volume level.

Using the Sour Boost with a Solid State amp let's you get the tone of a Tube Amp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Key Features:

  • Distortion and tone settings
  • Different color LED's for each setting
  • Change settings while in Bypass mode
  • Low battery detection
  • Low Low battery detection
  • Bypass mode
  • Low power consumption mode
  • Internal battery or External powered
  • Locks together with other Lock and Rock pedals
  • Switch control-no POTs to adjust
  • Switches that feels good
  • Long battery life
  • New Feature--Save your preferred setting as a power up default

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