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Are you looking for that sweet natural boost--with the addition of a Harmonic Modifier, then try out our Quick Boost. This pedal gives you five levels of boost, but yet maintains the tone. Two switches are used to give a Quick UP/DOWN control of your boost setting. It can also add in a Harmonic Modifier. This pedal is ideal for solo's or just to get a kick in your volume level. It also works well for driving other pedals. Not an over drive pedal and not a clean boost, it is a Quick Boost pedal that gives you a complete Quick adjustment of Boost level. The pedal that gives you that Sweet Boost sound - or a Sweet Boost with a Harmonic Modifier. Also, works well for Bass players. This pedal is idea for solo boost or adding in a light fuzz and chime with a little sustain. Just think of the combinations-- a boost or a boost with that added extra. Don't worry about POT adjustments getting changed, you can repeat your settings every time.

Switches allow you to set the boost settings--no POTs to adjust. Be able to quickly set different boost levels by simply stomping the switch. Easy to use, change between Boost and Harmonic Modifier, simply--just stomp the switch. If you don't need a Harmonic Modifier use an optional setting to gain an additional boost of 8db -- a Quick Boost. This is not a distortion pedal (see the Sour Boost), but is a sweet natural transparent boost that lets you add in a Harmonic Modifier. You are also able to set the same or a different level output when adding in the Harmonic Modifier, this allows you to go to a boosted level when enabling the HM mode.

Note from Tom-- I keep getting asked about the Harmonic Modifier, as a simple description it compresses the fundamental and enhances the harmonics. As far as the boost levels they are 5, 8, 11, 14 and 17db.

Key Features:

  • Five Boost settings
  • Five Boost setting with Harmonic Modifier
  • Remembers previous Harmonic Modifier setting
  • Remembers previous Boost setting
  • Different color LED's for each setting
  • Semi mute mode
  • Low battery detection
  • Low Low battery detection
  • Bypass mode
  • Low power consumption mode
  • Internal battery or External powered
  • Locks together with other Lock and Rock pedals
  • Switch control-no POTs to adjust
  • Switches that feels good

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