Lock & Rock Mic Cut II


Lock & Rock

Are you looking for a way to mute your microphone with your foot and not hold down a switch, the try our Mic Cut II. This utility pedal allows you to make your microphone hot or muted simply by stomping the switch. A bi-color LED lets you easily know if the microphone is hot or muted. If the LED is Green the Mic is Hot and if the LED is Red you will know your mic is turned off. If you want to reverse the LED colors just change an internal switch to reverse the LED colors. The Mic Cut works ideally to mute the mic when you need to talk to someone, or just mute the mic during breaks so you can leave the PA powered up. You can now have that extra microphone ready to go, just stomp the switch and make it Hot. This pedal controls two microphones independently.

Key Features:

  • Different color LED to indicate setting
  • Single switch control each Mic- maintains setting
  • Low battery detection
  • Low Low battery detection
  • Internal battery or External powered
  • Locks together with other Lock and Rock pedals
  • Powers up when Mic is plugged in
  • Switches that feels good

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