LNA Guitar Effects Ultimate Distortion


LNA Guitar Effects (2008)

That distortion box has 3 cumulative channels: a Fuzz channel, an Overdrive channel, and a Distortion channel... a lot of possibilities !

Combining the channels or not, all the different styles can be played: blues, metal, rock...

That box can replace 3 effect pedals, in order to free the precious space of our pedalboards.

The enclosure is in 2mm Aluminium, very solid.

It provides a strong barrier against noise, in addition with the internal filter of the power supply (which is protected against polarity inversions on the +9Vdc).

It's handmade wired and assembled, and each Distortion is tested before closing the enclosure.

As the difference with most of effects pedals, the circuit board is in FR4 Epoxy, varnished, and UL 94V-0 compliant.

Finally, the Ultimate Distortion is RoHS compliant too.

Technicals Specs:

  • Weight: 680g
  • Power consummation: 40mA
  • Power: External supply only, BOSS type(+9Vdc,center negative)

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