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Handmade overdrive that simulates the sound of a tube amplifier used at high volume.

Creates a soft, versatile and warm sound, very bluesy or rock, emphasizing the mids and giving some nice saturation.

It is a modded Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer, just like many overdrives today: Boss SD1, Maxon OD808, Mesa Boogie Grid Slammer, MXR ZW44,...

Customization possibilities:

  • Asymmetric clipping: 
    • More style ZW44 MXR, Boss or other overdrives
    • Silicon diodes for smoother clipping.
    • integrated JRC4558D
  • Symmetrical clipping:
    • Original Tube Screamer like
    • Led diodes or germanium diodes.
    • Any compatible operating as TL072, RC4558 or others.


  • True Bypass. (3PDT)
  • standard 9V power. Boss type with negative center.
  • Alpha pots.
  • Metal Film resistors (1% tolerance).
  • 9V battery connector.
  • Hammond aluminum box.
  • Capacitors: Wima and Panasonic.
  • custom design
  • No wires: pots and jacks are mounted on the PCB

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