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Steve Miller (Lizard Leg)

Lizard Leg Effects is pleased to announce the release of the Draconis Dual Boost, available mid September. The Draconis Dual Boost pedal takes the critically acclaimed pedal, the Flying Dragon, and provides you with twice the boost. No matter the specific needs, the Draconis allows you a fully customizable boost option that we would like to think will set the standard in this category.

Imagine taking an already fully transparent boost and adding a second boost channel - and then mix in a switchable effects loop! The Draconis allows you to dial in two different boost levels so you can now focus on the playing and less on adjusting boost levels. Set one channel low on the dial to give the amp a little oomph during the chorus. Set the second channel hot for a searing lead boost. Set both channels hot and really give them something to talk about!

And the best part about it... the effects loop addition allows you to place other effects in between the channels for even greater flexibility and versatility. Whatever the scenario calls for, The Draconis will provide unlimited boost combinations that any player will find redeeming.

What you put in is exactly what you get out... only a heck of a lot more!

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