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Steve Ridinger

I made the Liverpool Fuzz Tone starting around 1966 for the early versions (I was 14 then) that I sold to my classmates at high school. Then in June of 1967 I sold some to music dealers in the Hollywood area and then through music distributors in the U.S. I made the first ones by hand but later had a company assemble them for me (mine were hand wired, the assembly company's had PCB's). We probably made around 500-1000 of them.

Billboard magazine (November 9, 1968)

Fuzz-Tone 'Shatters' Sound

Tarzana, Calif. -- A new Fuzz-Tone from Ridinger Associates here gives any guitar "glass-shattering" sound according to a spokesman for the firm.

Called the Liverpool Fuzz-Tone, the new device plugs directly into any guitar, bass or other electrical instruments. A unique three-transistor circuit provides total fuzz variation by adjusting the tone or volume controls of the instruments. This enables the musician to adjust the fuzz effect while he is playing.

With a suggested list of $24.95, the Liverpool Fuzz-Tone is powered by a single 9-volt battery and will operate for more than 1,000 hours without a battery change. This unit is available from all major musical merchandise jobbers.

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