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Hey there folks, after much ado about nothing, I humbly present to you the Dirt Snob! This is 2nd generation idea of the Econo-Boost, which will now be retired. The changes, while subtle, make me a happier guy and the pedal a quieter beast. Each Dirt Snob is hand-painted and etched, so each one will be different. I will have pics available for each individual pedal that is for sale, so if you see one that you just have to have, you will for sure get it.

My idea with this design was to give an option for more grit and harmonic content to an already established rig/pedal chain. It can be used to dirty up your spanky clean, monstrous wattage amp or make your already-pushed small combos over the edge. Unlike most other “boosters”, this pedal generates it’s clipping and character inside the circuit instead of slamming the front end of your amp or next pedal. This gives you the opportunity to use it in an already established dirt chain, and if you are using it out front, it will be extremely responsive to your guitar/pickup/control knob settings. Try rolling the gain down on your Muff-type pedals and hitting it with the Dirt Snob out front… you get all the beef with none of the mud. I think even the pickiest of gain connoisseurs will find a home in this single knob monster.

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