Lingenberg Sound 6AL5 Distortion


Lingenberg Sound

This pedal uses a 6AL5 twin diode vacuum tube to deliver a stunningly good organic tube distortion. It also has a special high voltage driver feeding into the 6AL5's twin diodes. Like many distortion pedals it uses diodes to generate the distortion. The main difference with this one is that it uses high voltage driving tube diodes instead of semiconductor diodes.


  • The Squash control ( S ) sets the level where the 6AL5's twin diodes begin to distort. This control can be adjusted for cleanest at 0% to over-squash at 100% with the most distorted being about 65%. There are also two trimmers inside to adjust for the differences in the 6AL5's used.
  • The Drive ( D ) control sets the gain of the signal going to the 6AL5's twin diodes.
  • The Level ( L ) control sets the pedal output level.

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