Line 6 Dr. Distorto


  • Level
  • Tone
  • Drive
  • Rise
  • Fall
  • Blend
  • FDBK Off/Sustain/Oct
  • Gate Off/Mild/Clamp


Line 6 Dr. Distorto

If you like singing lead tones with massive sustain, Dr. Distorto™ is for you. This pedal has classic, full-bodied distortion tones with the ability to achieve incredible sustain at any distortion level using an innovative harmonic feedback circuit. No matter what your distortion setting, you'll get feedback perfection every time with Dr. Distorto.


  • FDBK - The feedback switch is used to configure Dr. Distorto's unique harmonic sustainer circuit.
    • Off - This disables the feedback portion of the pedal, leaving Rise, Fall and Blend non-functional. This setting is great for using Dr. Distorto as a distortion box only.
    • Sustain - Provides a sustained tone that will be in unison with any single note played.
    • Octave - Provides a sustained tone that is one octave above any single note played.
  • Rise - Adjusts the amount of time it takes the feedbacker to begin sustaining a tone.
  • Fall - Adjusts the amount time it takes the feedbacker to stop sustaining a tone.
  • Blend - Adjusts the volume of the feedbacker's sustained tone.


  • Level - The Level knob controls the output level of the pedal. It does not affect the pedal's tone or FX section in any other way.
  • Drive - The Drive knob dials in the amount of distortion created by the pedal. Use this with the tone knob to dial in the perfect overdriven tone.
  • Tone - The Tone knob allows you to smoothly morph from a fuzz distortion tone to a classic drive tone using only one dial.
  • Gate - The Gate switch is used to reduce signal noise, hum, and hiss when you are not playing.
    • Off - Disables the gate function completely.
    • Mild - A soft gate, when minimal noise attenuation is needed. The gate's threshold is linked to the Drive knob for best results at any setting.
    • Clamp - A hard, clamping gate with a quick response to cut out all noise between notes. The gate's threshold is linked to the Drive knob for best results at any setting.


myFXDB user reviews

2 reviews, average score of 7 / 10

2016-03-258/10  Great flexible distortion with a built-in noise gate! tone knob doesn't change the tone so much as to change the character of the distortionfeedback part of the pedal is not something I ever see using all too often.
2014-06-226/10  ......

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