Line 6 Filter Pro Studio Modeler


  • Input Level
    Set the input level here. While feeding a signal, turn up the input level until the input meter is flashing red occasionally, then back it down a hair.
  • Output Level
    Set the output level here.
  • Save
    Press to save an edited program.
  • MIDI/Sys
    Press to access MIDI functions and other System editing functions like Bypass Mode, Mix Mode, or to recall factory programs. Flickers when there’s incoming MIDI on the MIDI Channel Filter Pro is set to listen to.
  • Bypass
    Press to bypass effect processing.
  • Program Display
    Shows which program you’ve selected. See later sections for detail on its use for Save, Compare and MIDI/Sys functions.
  • Program Select
    Selects one of Filter Pro’s programs. See later sections for detail on its use for MIDI/Sys functions.
  • Model Select
    Selects model. (Kinda figures, doesn't it?)
  • Tempo Display
    Shows Tempo in Hertz or BPM, depending on whether the Hertz or BPM buttons are lit. The Note Value is also always shown. See later sections for detail on the display’s use for Saving and MIDI/Sys mode.
  • Hertz
    Press to display current Tempo in Hertz
  • Note
    Sets Note Value to determine Tempo division
  • BPM
    Press to display current Tempo in BPM (beats per minute).
  • Speed
    Sets Tempo in Hertz or BPM, whichever you’ve chosen.
  • Tap
    Tap twice to set Tempo. A unique feature of Filter Pro is that a single tap will reset the LFO to the beginning of the sweep.
  • Global
    Press to enable Global Speed/Tempo Mode. Global overrides the tempo stored within each program with the current tempo.
  • Frequency
    Controls the Frequency of the effect, but may set other parameters, as well, like the Start Vowel on the Voice Box or V-Tron effects.
  • Tweak
    Controls various functions depending on the model chosen. The lights to its immediate left show just what you're adjusting for each model.
  • Tweez
    Controls various functions depending on the model chosen. The lights to its immediate left show just what you're adjusting for each model.
  • Mix
    Sets Effect Mix from 0% to 100% Wet (or is that 100% to 0% dry?).
  • Power
    Makes all the pretty lights go on and off.


Line 6

Synchronizing a dream collection of classic effects has been a hit or miss (mostly miss) process. Now, the rhythmic possibilities are endless. Just tap a tempo to set the groove of your Tube Echo to a dotted eighth, let the Obi-Wah throb a quarter note while the Panned Phaser undulates a half note triplet. You'll find your ears reelin' in time and your toes doing that poly-rhythmic twitch that can only mean you've created another masterpiece. Ain't life grand?

Extensive MIDI features, analog Bypass, expression pedal control and 99 Program memories give the most sophisticated effects junkie total control and limitless options. High-visibility displays let you know what's going on. Innovative tempo controls translate delay times and modulation rates from milliseconds or Hertz to BPM and back. With the ability to dial in anywhere from a 16th note triplet to a dotted whole note, you can simply tap a tempo or lock to MIDI Clock and dial in the perfect note rhythm to match any groove at any tempo.


  • 24-bit processing and A/D/A conversion
  • 99 User definable programs
  • MIDI Clock Sync
  • Tap Tempo
  • Innovative Tempo controls translate between seconds and BPM
  • Musical note variations for rhythmic freedom
  • XLR (balanced) and 1/4 inch (unbalanced) Inputs and Outputs
  • MIDI in and software selectable MIDI out/thru
  • Input/Output Level controls
  • A variety of mix options, including: Dry, Analog, Input Mute and All Mute
  • Completely user definable MIDI Map
  • TRS Stereo in/out for convenient effects loop connectivity
  • Universal power supply


based on*...

  • Mu-Tron III (Up Position)
  • Mu-Tron III (Down position)
  • Zvex Seek Wah
  • Oberheim VCF
  • Voice Box
  • V-Tron
  • Electrix Filter Factory
  • Spin Cycle
  • Comet Trails
  • Slow Filter
  • Octisynth
  • Moog, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits & ARP Synthesizers
  • Korg X911 Guitar Synth
  • Growler
  • Q Filter

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