Line 6 FM-4 Filter Modeler - Programmable Filters & Monophonic Synths



    The function of the buttons depends on the type of effect selected:
    Tron DownFrequencyWidthRange: Low/HighLow/Band/High-pass
    Tron UpFrequencyWidthRange: Low/HighLow/Band/High-pass
    SeekerPatternsWidthSpeedNumber of Steps in Sequence (2–9)
    Voice BoxStart VowelStop VowelSpeedAutomatic/Pedal
    V-TronStart VowelStop VowelAttack TimeUp/Up & Return
    ThrobberFrequencyWidthSpeedRamp Up/Ramp Down/Triangle/Square
    Spin CycleFrequencyWidthSpeedSpeed Sensitivity to Input Volume
    Comet TrailsFrequencyWidthSpeedGain
    Slow FilterFrequencyWidthAttack TimeUp/Down
    OctisynthContentWidthVibrato SpeedVibrato Depth
    Attack SynthFrequencyWaveformAttack TimePitch
    Synth StringFrequencyAttack TimeModulation SpeedPitch
    Q FilterFrequencyWidthGainLow/Band/High-pass


Line 6

Offering an awesome collection of vintage filter and monophonic synth effects, 24-bit processing, and true bypass, the FM4 features 16 models of classic and collectible filters and synths. With four programmable presets, the FM4 gives guitarists easy access to a set of world-class tones and controls for customization.

  • 4 completely programmable presets available at the tap of a toe. No more need for multiple pedals for multiple effects.
  • True Bypass switching, so your direct tone is exactly that; direct from your guitar to your amp.
  • Expression Pedal Input - for real time control of all effect settings. Also the ability to morph between settings lets you create effects not possible with the originals.
  • Nothing but knobs. No menus, no multiple button contortionist gymnastic moves, just twist and go.
  • Stereo inputs and outputs
  • Runs from batteries (Heck, we even include a set) or optional power adapter.

Tired of the same old effects? You say you want something a little bit... different? The FM4 Filter Modeler, part of Line 6's award winning line of Stompbox Modelers, gives you an array of vintage and new effects from just a wee bit odd to full frontal freaky! From the gentle auto-wah of an envelope filter to the complete wackiness of mutated VCO controlled ring modulators, FM4 can get as strange as you wanna be.


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