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Soul Drive is an extremely versatile pedal that can be used with guitar, bass, or even keyboards. Use it in any musical situation involving electric instruments and amplifiers, where the player is interested in getting a warmer, thicker, more organic sound.


  • NOS (new old stock) JAN (military grade)12AU7 vacuum tube.
  • NOS paper in oil capacitors.
  • LBA signature hand-made paper in oil tone cap.
  • Extremely low noise metalized film resistors.
  • Hand wired Point to point with teflon insulated silver wire and silver solder.
  • Reliable Switchcraft 1/4" jacks for superior signal transfer.
  • True Bypass.
  • Additional Bypass switch for the tone control, which adds a few dB of gain and a tighter sound.
  • Includes low noise power supply, wooden case, NIB NOS JAN 12AU7 tube, limited lifetime warranty card and Soul Drive users guide.  

Mike Congilosi (Gallery Acoustics), designer of the Soul Drive

Soul Drive is a result of my profound passion for creation. I build everything I need and one thing I really wanted was a way to thicken up my guitar tone (and add a touch of gain) before it hit my Mesa Triple Rectifier. Some guys use a tube screamer for this purpose. To me, the tube screamer seems sacrilegious if you are after the ultimate tube amp tone (as I am)... which is where Soul Drive comes into play. It's all tube, so I'm not de-warming or crapifying my tone with solid-state muck. Go tubes or go home!

It's the kind of pedal you leave on all the time. Sure, you can use it as a tube booster pedal for your solo's and it'll work better than any other pedal for that job, but I tend to just keep it on all the time. It adds so much character to the tone that it'd be sad to not hear it gifts of tone. I usually just toggle between the channels on my amp, being very content with a bit of mild breakup from Soul Drive that you can easily notice on the clean channel. If you want a booster pedal for leads, I recommend buying two Soul Drives so you can leave one turned on all the time.

Soul Drive is an extremely versatile pedal due to its thorough engineering and build quality. It can be used with equally great results for guitar, bass, or even keyboards. It can be used in any musical situation involving electric instruments and amplifiers, where the player is interested in getting a warmer, thicker, more organic sound. Guitarists, Bassists and Keyboardists who have used Soul Drive all agree it's not only useful, it's necessary.

My father taught me at an early age, if you're going to do something do it right or don't do it at all. When I set out to design a new guitar pedal or piece of studio equipment, I strive to create something better than average. Unlike many companies, I use a lot of esoteric components, mostly Military-Grade stuff combined with old school building techniques. I do this not simply because they are out of the ordinary, but because they result in extraordinary sounding equipment. I choose to wire things point to point instead of using printed circuit boards, which takes much longer to do, but I do this because it just sounds better. My builds are more costly and time consuming. but what really matters here? Tone that is "ordinary" or tone that is "extraordinary?" When building a piece of audio equipment, sound quality should without question be main goal. Unfortunately many companies are more interested in selling huge rather than great quality. I put a lot of love into everything I build and that will apparent when you hold a piece of Lightning Boy electronic artwork in your hands.

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