Lightning Boy Audio OP-2 Comp - Vacuum Tube Optical Compressor


Lightning Boy Audio

Superior in every way to the highly acclaimed LBA Opti-Mu Prime compressor pedal.  5% more output gain, 60% less noise, wider range of compression, more obvious sounding compression slopes (knee), Lower THD (cleaner tone), widely extended frequency response.  Worthy of a new name.  Lightning Boy Audio is excited to introduce, Op-2 Comp. Designed for the studio, tough enough for the road.  


  • Vacuum tube powered optical compressor.  Uses the exact same photo resistor as the famous studio compressor, the LA-2A, for that the same, much loved, auto-release characteristic.  
  • Super transparent compression capable of being gentle and mild or highly controlled squish.
  • Clean tone with a touch of vacuum tube warmth.
  • Ultra low noise, even with the volume and compression at full.     
  • Ships with a select pair of new-old-stock 12AU7 vacuum tubes installed
  • True Bypass
  • Switch between soft & hard knee compression slopes.  Soft is a smooth sounding attack, vs. hard, which is a snappy sounding attack.    
  • Hand-wired point to point.  no printed circuit boards.  Made with NOS paper in oil capacitors for superior tone.  
  • Designed by Mike Congilosi II.  Assembled & hand-wired by Jon Clarke.  Made in the USA!
  • 5 year warranty
  • Op-2 Comp ships direct from LBA within 1 business day of payment.  

Technical Data:

  • 9VDC operation only.  1270mA minimum requirement.  Tip negative.  1 Spot power supply recommended.
  • 1M Ohm input impedance.  100K Ohm output impedance.     
  • 12AU7/ECC82 vacuum tubes only.

PRICE: $399.99 USD

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