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Lightning Boy Audio

Multi-Tube, Multi-Channel Stompbox & DI Box

For Live Application: To allow the player to set their amp clean and use Olympus to get Clean/overdrive/distortion by toggling the different foot switches on the pedal.

For Studio Recording use: When bypassed, the pedal is a high quality passive DI box, utilizing a Cinemag transformer for converting unbalanced instrument signals to balanced mic level through a high quality Neutrik XLR connector. When activated, the pedal allows the user to take full advantage of the vacuum tube warmth and a 3 band eq before it hits the DI output. Just think... a DI Box with a 3 band vacuum tube driven EQ and if you want distortion it can give you that too.


  • 3 channels (bypass, A,B). Channels A & B are an exact clone of each other, which gives the user the unique ability to dial in very slight tonal changes between the two channels or ie. they can make drastic changes between the two channels if they want a thicker, louder sound for leads.
  • Each channel features a 3 band EQ with Bass, Mid, Treble, and a gain section with controls for volume, gain and presence.  There is also a distortion mode switch which toggles between Norm (overdrive) and Thunder (distortion).  The mid band of the equalizer section is a push/pull style knob which allows the user to choose from 2 different frequency points for the mids.  
  • Two footswitches on the pedal. One is a Master Bypass (true bypass). The other switch toggles between channels A & B. There are LED indicators for the selected channel and for the Master Bypass.
  • Power on/off switch with an LED indicator. (The power connection and power supply is the same as the popular pedal the LBA Soul Drive.)
  • Power Supply included with the purchase of Olympus

What Makes This Pedal Unique:

  • Olympus uses 4 NOS JAN 5814 vacuum tubes .
  • Olympus switches between 2 pairs of vacuum tubes when you change channels,  This design allows Olympus to have 2 identical channels which the user can set differently and toggle between.
  • When the pedal is activated the tubes glow blue (has no effect on sound).
  • There are metal protection bars around the tubes and the tubes are shock-mounted on the front side of the pedal.

The Stuff That Doesn't Make it Sound any Better but Sure Make it Look Good:

  • The wood trim.  
  • The Lightning Bolt hood ornament
  • The blue glowing quad of vacuum tubes.

True Bypass, point to point hand-wired all tube circuitry, and a studio quality DI output define this pedal as a serious player.

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