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The NuVision is an all-tube instrument preamp pedal that operates on Nuvistors. Nuvistors were designed by RCA in 1959 as the tube answer to the coming transistor. As small as an early transistor, super efficient, and designed to be long lasting and reliable. The NuVision uses a pair of Nuvistor tubes to drive its gain and passive EQ circuits. The pedal requires 9v DC @ 300mA and steps it up internally to 200v for the big headroom and feel you’d expect from a tube amp. The EQ section of this pedal is a bit more than the standard bass and treble knobs. It also offers low and high cut switches, which allow for some interesting EQ curves when you use them while boosting with the knobs. Same principle as a legendary passive EQ favoured by studio engineers. 

The NuVision pedal is designed, assembled and hand-wired in the USA. $235 USD direct from

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