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Lightning Boy Audio

The Lightning Boy (Feb 21st release date)

New from Lightning Boy Audio, The Lightning Boy is our no-compromise entry level tube overdrive pedal based on our popular Soul Drive pedal.  We kept the cost down by going with a super simple plain metal look, but we didn't skimp one bit on components!  Features a genuine NOS 12AU7 tube enclosed inside of the pedal and like all our other more expensive pedals, The Lightning Boy is made with NOS paper in oil capacitors for unparalleled tone.   In order to keep the price down further without compromising tone, we preset the gain at 100% and we also preset the tone control right in the sweet spot.  There is one knob to adjust volume.  There are no user adjustments other than volume and true bypass, but you can vary the amount of gain by adjusting the volume on your instrument.  Wired entirely point to point in the USA with silver plated teflon wire and silver solder.

Pre-order before the February release date and get the limited run hand painted logo!


  • NOS (new old stock)12AU7 vacuum tube.
  • NOS paper in oil capacitors.
  • Low noise metalized film resistors.
  • Hand wired Point to point with teflon insulated silver wire & silver solder.
  • Reliable Switchcraft 1/4" jacks for superior signal transfer.
  • True Bypass.
  • limited lifetime warranty
  • Power supply requirements:  9-12v DC @ 350mA min, tip (-)       

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