Lightning Boy Audio Bolt Bender


12AU7 based tube EQ pedal.  Bolt bender is the ultimate in transparent equalization for electric instruments.  It features a passive Baxandall EQ circuit with bass and treble controls.  The paper-in-oil based EQ circuit is driven by a NOS 12AU7 tube for the most organic sounding equalization ever offered in an instrument FX pedal.  Bolt Bender is much cleaner sounding than our Soul Drive pedal, but it has the ability to get slightly dirty depending on the position of the volume control on Bolt Bender.  When you turn up the volume on Bolt Bender, you are also adding a touch of very mild and remarkably clean tube overdrive because its volume control is actually a "gain" control.  Sidecars are not required for normal operation.  

For those looking for more EQ options, Bolt Bender is expandable via an expansion port on the front of the pedal.  By connecting Bolt Bender to an optional Bolt Bender Sidecar a variety of different EQ circuits can be accessed, turning Bolt Bender into a complete powerhouse of tonal manipulation.

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