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'The Fuzz' from Lightning Amplification is a fuzz for those who want something versatile. This pedal can go from a lo-fi velcro-style fuzz, to a fuzz that can layer on an overdriven signal like none other. Whether you're looking for a Lead, Rhythm, even a blues tone, this does it - and does it well!

We take the original 1960's Fuzz Face schematic, and tweak and modify it to make it the pedal it SHOULD have been. The volume knob now has a lot more headroom, handy for blazing solos. The fuzz control is smooth, and can go from a subtle grit to a heavy grind. An external bias knob is added so that you can control the voltage over each transistor - lower the bias, and you get an awesome velcro fuzz; increase the bias, and the sound gets fat!

'The Fuzz' is available in 3 versions:

  • Standard Silicon (BC108)
  • High Gain Silicon (BC109)
  • Positive Ground NOS Germanium (AC128) - requires a reverse polarity DC jack to operate (not included).

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