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Lightning Amplification and Effects

A problem that has been plagueing musicians who amplify their instruments for decades is tone loss. Lightning's 'The Buffer' is the answer.

When playing through large numbers of pedal, mismatched impedances between different effects can have detrimental effects to your tone whilst in bypass. Most 'production' have inbuilt buffers (eg. Boss, Ibanez), but unfortunately, they aren't of the highest quality, and can have serious effect on your tone. The best way to overcome this is to ensure that all pedals are True Bypass, and that you have at least 1 GOOD buffer in your signal chain to maintain clarity.

'The Buffer' also enables you to drive long lengths of cable to your amp with negligible loss of tone/signal. This is also great if you are using many pedals controlled by True Bypass loopers (see below), as the amount of cable on a pedalboard can easily be upwards of 100-150ft.

'The Buffer' works by converting a high impedance guitar signal to a low impedance signal through the use of super-high quality DUAL Burr-Brown op-amps. They can be powered by anywhere between 2.5V - 18VDC, and have an output of EXACTLY unity gain.

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