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The LIC Pedals Professional MKII is based on the Vox/ Sola Sound Tone Bender Professional MKII. This is the only pedal that I make that is completely stock, and that is because they got it right way back in 1967. The only thing that I have added, is an adjustable bias knob on the side of the pedal that controls the third transistor. With this simple tweak you are able to really fine tune the pedal, and get sounds out of it that were never available without it. It also solves the issue of temperature fluctuations, and the problems that come with using Germanium transistors. The MKII is mostly associated with Jimmy Page and the first few Led Zeppelin albums. That is how he got his nice tone, and what he is shown using in the Movie “It Might Get Loud”. I not only build my MKII to the original specs, but I also have a large supply of the original parts that were used in 1967, so when you buy my MKII it is just like buying an original from 1967. No other pedal gives that thick smooth sound as the MKII does. And like the original, I do not use an LED or 9 volt adapter. Because these pedals were made with transistors that have the reverse polarity of almost every pedal manufactured since 1970, you would need to use a separate adapter, which would one day end up going into another one of your pedals and fry it, or you will end up putting in a regular 9 volt adapter into the MKII and fry the pedal. Also without an LED the battery life should be close to 2 years, and believe me you will know when this pedal is on. Here are some specs

  • 3 NOS Mullard OC75Â’s checked and gain matched for circuit
  • NOS Mullard Mustard Capacitors
  • NOS Allen Bradley resistors
  • Philips Electrolytic capacitors
  • Carling true bypass foot switch, not a cheap blue one
  • Hand wired on Vero board, same as the original
  • Shielded wire used throughout to cut out noise
  • Alpha Pots
  • Cliff UK jacks
  • Hammond 1590 P1 aluminum enclosure
  • Third knob to control the bias of the pedal

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