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The LIC Pedals Tone Bender MKI was Sola Sounds answer to the US made Gibson/Maestro FZ-1, which is arguably the first Fuzz pedal to be made. The difference is that the MKI has more output and gain then the Maestro, and a lot more bottom end. Very few were original made, but they did end up in some very good hands. Most of the sixties guitar gods had some connection to it, but the most notable ones were Jeff Beck with Yardbirds, Jimmy Page on some studio stuff and of course Mick Ronson with David Bowie. The LIC Pedals Professional MKI is a faithful recreation of the original, but with more improvements. It has even more output and bass then the original. It can turn a totally clean amp into a monster, and can still get the stock MKI tones that everyone wants. I do make at least four versions of it, from stock to gating sputtering nasty, and everything in between. Nothing but the best New Old Stock components are used along with top shelf newly manufactured parts,

  • 3 NOS Mullard OC75Â’s properly checked and gain matched
  • NOS Mullard Mustard Capacitors
  • NOS Allen Bradley Carbon Composition resistors
  • Newly manufactured Carling Foot Switch wired for true bypass
  • Custom all steel folded enclosure (just like the original)
  • Philips Electrolytic capacitors
  • Cliff UK jacks
  • Dakaware US made knobs
  • Shielded wire throughout to cut out noise
  • Alpha pots
  • Powder coated and screen printed enclosure for extra durability, and lots more

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