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Leqtique ProVoost Booster Guitar Effects 

Leqtique history, the effector of the first to become 1+ (1) Knob layout, and based on the construction theory of HiFi sounding due to a variety of special components that have been developed up to now, ultra-HiFi op amp LT1122 and was sleeping in Moscow of electronic parts warehouse, by the simple circuit of the original design, which was equipped with a high-quality vintage Russian MIL specs of the condenser, the original sound of the already constructed sound and guitar as it is to boost-up "ProVoost" It was completed. 

the "Boost" was given to a large Chikin'nobu by 0%, suitable for use as a pure buffer rather than as a booster because it designed to be audible on unity gain you. At that time valid is the "Soft" of the mini control. This control is on the electronic circuit manner to vary the input impedance in a wide range of approx 16kΩ ~ 1.2MΩ. If Basically, you feel that you will sound the brilliance of the high frequency impedance of the matching by I am a left-handed full Soft = 0% had been lost place has been recovered, it is not natural to reverse the soft control so as not to put the sound quality difference overly oN / OFF that go by turning clockwise, you can be a soft sound.

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