Lemon Studio Sound



    Lemon Studio Sound was a company founded by Gerard Daleiden in Karlsruhe, Germany, in the 1970's.

    Gerard Daleiden was born in Luxembourg in 1953. While in college he played bass in a well-know fusion band. Being an electronic whizz kid he build his own tube amp and his first synthesizer for that band. Also during that time he started building custom projects for third parties (lighting controllers, power amps, organs,...) to finally create the Lemon Studio Sound company in 1972.

    After graduating from college, Gerry studied in Karlsruhe and continued to develop and build Lemon Studio Sound products. He also worked for other companies in the music industry developing among others a Leslie with no mechanical parts (4 speakers in all directions and an electronic device bringing the signal from one speaker to the next). After he graduated as engineer the music business lost Gerry to the industry where he became a pioneer in electronic/digital control.

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