Lema Lantanio Distortion


Lema (2005)

If you are looking for warm and round sound with a terrific sustain Lema Lantanio is your choise! Our box is derived from MXR Distortion+ with some particular mods to avoid probles at the lower frequencies e with True Bypass for a perfect sound fidelity both distorted and clean, particular germanium diodes give to the pedal its distinctive 70s warm "feeling". Very simple controls: Gain and Level.

The box works only with an external power supply, the big led indicates that the pedali is on the small one is a dry-clean indicator.

Lema (2005)

Homemade distortion effect for guitar, based upon vintage pedal schematics, provided with germanium diodes to give the 70's typical round and warm sound. The stompbox has a true bypass switch for perfect audio fidelity of both distorted and clean signal and no insertion noise. The pedal has a bicolor dry/wet led well visible also in the dim light of the stage. Entirely handmade circuitry and box handworked on a lathe from a single piece of aluminium. Attention, the stompbox is an only example!!! No other available at the moment!!! Contact me by e-mail for audio samples and other photos or information! The pedal is supplied with common 9v power supplies, no battery due to the small dimensions of the box.


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2015-01-228/10  True bypass, dual LED...

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