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This is a hand-built OTA compressor pedal that is basically a clone of the original gray Ross Compressor, with added attack, tone, and blend controls, plus the BA6110 chip. The design is enhanced with true bypass and higher quality components when compared to a vintage pedal. This is truly the best OTA stompbox compressor on the market! The BA6110 chip gives more sustain, more squish, lower noise, and a high output than the old CA3080A chips found in Ross and MXR compressors. With all of the extra controls, the versatility is astounding on this circuit! It can go from squishier to a Ross, to more transparent than a DynaComp, to just a touch of compression, to a straight clean, transparent boost. And, this pedal is powder coated for durability, not painted, and dressed up with some sweet NOS Philco knobs. . I offer a one year warranty on anything I build, so you're protected! Please note that the finish on this pedal is not perfect - the powder coat is flawless, but some slight streaking did show up in the clear coat. Nothing you can really see unless you're looking for it.

With the combination of vintage and modern components, the BA6110 chip, and the arsenal of controls, this pedal blows away any stompbox Compressor on the market.

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