Lehle Sunday Driver SW



The Lehle Sunday Driver L is equipped with a robust, Lehle-typical footswitch (ON/OFF). ON status offers the classical Lehle Sunday Driver features in modes D (= Driver, zero-modification line-driver) and S (= Sunday, sensitive signal reproduction with high-character warmth). The OFF status of the new L version also features two modes: in TB (= True Bypass) mode, input and output are zero-loss linked to each other via a switch with gold-plated contacts. Operate the Lehle Sunday Driver L in TS (= True Sound) mode, and it remains active as a buffer, but without amplifying or altering the signal, an advantage with long cable routings and with complex effect board configurations. These facilities enable the Lehle Sunday Driver L to integrate ideally into any set-up.

Announced as the Sunday Driver L during Winter NAMM 2010, but renamed to Sunday Driver SW soon after.

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