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Lehle about the SGoS version

The Lehle Dual SGoS routes the signal via gold-plated relays to outputs A, B or T . Outputs A and B can feed two different amps simultaneously since the signal paths are electrically isolated by the Lehle LTHZ high-end transformer - completely eliminating humming loops. In this case, the potentiometers enable you to lower the output signal for A and B separately. Output T can be used for a tuner or a third amplifier. Both inputs can be routed in stereo to Outputs A and B. In addition, the Lehle Dual SGoS also incorporates gold-plated phase-reverse and ground switches.

The Lehle Dual SGoS can be controlled and synchronized with other Lehle SGoS Switchers via MIDI.

  • gold-plated relays & switches
  • MIDI send & receive
  • Lehle LTHZ transformer
  • no hum loops
  • adjustable gain
  • stereo

Lehle (2003)

The Lehle Dual enables you to switch between amps via gold-plated relays. The signal is routed with no semiconductors and no corruption to Output A or B.

  1. input signal
    The input signal enters this socket. The signal is automatically routed to A and B if the Lehle Dual is not energized.

  2. trimpots
    These trimpots make it possible to reduce gain for Output A or B if the pedal is in Dual-mode. A gain of 6 dB can therefore be balanced out during parallel operation of two amps. For example, by using a high-gain amp on A and a clean amp on B a slightly distorted sound can be created within the definition of the clean amp (B) and the attenuated high-gain (A).

  3. output
    The signal is routed directly and without semiconductors via gold-plated relays to Output A or B provided the button for A or B has been pressed. The other output is then muted. A is electrically isolated from B by means of a high-end line splitter - humming loops are thus impossible, even if A and B are switched on simultaneously.

  4. power supply
    The Lehle Dual requires a power supply of between 8 and 20 V. Polarity is of no importance. The supply voltage is internally rectified and stabilized in order to guarantee trouble-free operation. A thermal cut-out automatically trips and switches the unit off if a short-circuit occurs. A correctly fitting plug connector for the power-supply socket of the Lehle Dual is supplied. This can be soldered to the required power unit if necessary.

  5. Master-Slave with other switchers
    Each Lehle Dual can be easily retrofitted with a DIN socket in order to permit parallel operation with other Lehle switches in master/slave mode.

  6. LEDs behind a magnifying lens
    The high-intensity LEDs installed behind a magnifying lens make it easy to read the switching state (A, B or C) even under spotlights.

  7. indestructible switching mechanism
    The buttons which control State A, B or C are actuated inside the switch by means of a virtually indestructible switching mechanism.

  8. solid box / easy to fix
    The base of the Lehle Dual can be secured without difficulty. First remove the four housing screws for the cover, and then screw the base of the switch to a base-plate using the two screws supplied with the unit, the washers and the spacer elements.

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