Burkhard Lehle started LEHLE Gitarrentechnik in 1996 in Duisburg, Germany. Since 1999 they are located in Voerde, a small town in the Lower Rhine District, near Dusseldorf.

    Timeline (by Burkhard Lehle)

    • 1996 : Lehle Gitarrentechnik was founded as a repair shop.
    • 1999 : first ABY switcher
    • 2001 : fist production lines of ABC and ABY switchers was introduced with the new Lehle "mushroom" buttons.
    • 2005 : development of the Lehle LTHZ transformer
    • 2007 : Second Generation of Switching was born , simply called SGoS
    • 2010 : start of the Basswitch project in cooperation with RMI - Ruppert Musical Instruments from Luxembourg

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