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Legendary Tones

Time Machine Boost® is a professional dual-channel, four-way boost pedal designed to maximize the tone of your existing guitar and amplifier. By offering two unique modes of vintage-style boosts, as well as a modern, transparent clean boost with a further toggle option for added drive, the Time Machine Boost helps you deliver an expressive and diverse range of tones. From the blues, rock and roll, and fusion tones of the '60s and '70s, to a range of contemporary sounds and styles found in today's music, the Time Machine Boost is an indispensable link to help bring out the most from virtually any guitarist's rig. The Time Machine Boost is the Ultimate Rhythm and Lead boost!

The LegendaryTones Time Machine BoostTM has a wide range of uses. Use the Time Machine Boost to further overdrive your tube amplifier into more harmonically rich distortion or as a preamp to strengthen the output signal of your guitar's pickups. Its two footswitchable channels with independent volume levels provide further dynamics, tone shaping, and versatility.

The Modern channel is specially voiced to transparently squeeze additional natural gain from your tube amplifier to pump up your rhythms or solos. It is a completely independent circuit and design from the Vintage channel. The Modern channel maintains the natural tone you already have, but just gives you"more" of it by strengthening the signal from the front end with no tonal coloration and full transparency! If your amplifier is already being overdriven, the Modern channel can take your amp's overdrive "over the top" for beautifully compressed, sustaining leads. The modern channel also can function as preamp and can blend its boosted clean signal to an perfect for musical passages that need to stand out.

When using the Modern channel, engaging the Warp Drive switch adds additional drive gain and harmonics. The transparency and full fidelity and frequency response of the Modern channel remains true while in Warp Drive.

Or click the footswitch to travel back in time with the Vintage channel to alter your sound with boosted tones that sing with musical sweetness and rich harmonics unique to those eras of the past. The circuit is completely independent from the Modern Channel and unique, taking only the best from the past and refining the rest. The Vintage channel brings you two modes to travel to: "1966" and "1973".

Toggle into "1966" and crank your amp up for tones that blend smoothly and put you up front in the mix by adding extra top-end sparkle with a mild overdrive. 1966 brings you back to the booster tones used by many of the British greats of the era and is especially designed to be used with an amplifier that is already being overdriven. Or, toggle into "1973" to fatten up and boost your single coil-equipped guitar, or add extra meat to the tone of your favorite humbucker-equipped guitar without losing definition or turning the sound to mud. "1973" will enable your guitar and amp to deliver a smoother, full-ranged rock n' roll crunch with just the perfect amount of midrange, reminiscent of the best boosted rock tones of the era.

When you take a trip with the Time Machine Boost into the past or the present to expand your tonal creativity, you'll discover that the musical applications are virtually endless!

Legendary Tones about the George Lynch Time Machine Boost

The new George Lynch model Time Machine Boost (GL TMB) by Legendary Tones and Robert Keeley takes the unique voicing of the original acclaimed Time Machine Boost but adds a more aggressive character and bottom end to the tone to suit George Lynch's guitar style and tonal requirements. The pedal has been completely re-engineered from the ground up, as all settings have been revoiced along with added GL features. The GL TMB is the answer for those players that want to push their tube amps to new levels of gain and harmonics while maintaining all the dynamics and articulation of the player itself.

The GL TMB features two completely independent footswitchable channels for both Vintage and Modern flavors of boost. Ranging from “60's Bite” and “70's Growl”, to a pure Modern clean boost, as well as “Mr. Scary” mode, the GL TMB provides a nearly limitless range of tones and options to explore when boosting for both rhythms and leads.

Each GL TMB is handcrafted one at a time using premium components. The GL TMB is housed in the same die-cast enclosure type with knob and feature styling similar to the original classic TMB first sold (and no longer available). Current wait time is 4-5 weeks. Rest assured that when you receive your GL TMB, it will be a tool that's made to provide you with a lifetime of musical use and enjoyment.

Quote From George;

    “From boost to overdrive this pedal covers everything for any guitar player”


  • Two completely independent channels and circuit designs (Vintage & Modern) with four modes of operation (Vintage: 1960's Bite, 1970's Growl, Modern: Mr. Scary mode Off - normal/clean and Mr. Scary mode On for gain)
  • Hand-selected NOS (New Old Stock) germanium transistor for Vintage Channel
  • Dual JFET w/unique voltage-doubling circuit for most transparent clean boost possible from Modern Channel
  • Separate level controls per each independent channel
  • Intensity control for Vintage channel to control harmonic level
  • True bypass with individual LED indicators for on/off, Vintage, and Modern channels
  • 9v battery operation or optional 9v DC operation using standard adapter
  • A custom black die cast enclosure w/Lynch graphics, dual-color silkscreens, topped with vintage-style "chicken head" knobs for the Vintage channel and a contemporary knob for the Modern channel.
  • Completely hand-crafted with meticulous interior layout using premium components all wired together with solid core Teflon wire and silver solder.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on labor and design and 2-year warranty on parts. Backed by LegendaryTones and Robert Keeley

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