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It’s finally here!  Left Foot Guitar Pedals has finally produced an overdrive that is unlike any other pedal on the market.  The Left Foot Driver boasts tons of headroom, allowing for a great clean/gritty boost, but when cranked, it can achieve some righteous tones approaching distortion territories.  Here at Left Foot Guitar Pedals, we have worked for years trying different varieties of overdrives to find one that can truly react like your favorite tube amp.  When we came across this beast, we knew we had a winner.  This overdrive is by far one of our proudest creations and we feel that everyone who has a chance to play one will throne it as their “go-to overdrive”.  Here at Left Foot, we truly love quality pedals and for you, the Left Foot Driver is one that should never leave your pedal board.

We challenge you to try one, you will be happy you did!


  • Amp-like feel and response
  • Tons of headroom
  • Clear and true drive tones
  • Volume, Gain, and Tone controls
  • Sustain enhancing
  • Extremely efficient buffer system to minimize tone loss
  • Bright White LED
  • Requires 9V power supply
  • Quality components backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Hand-Made with quality in America

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