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You asked, we delivered!  Finally, the great sounds achieved with the original copycat are now in a enclosure with tap tempo and an upgraded modulation!  We at Left Foot guitar Pedals love and value our delay pedals.  We took everything we liked and could want and threw it into one enclosure.  Some of these great features include tap tempo with subdivisions, trails switch, modulation switch, and a fully functioning tremolo modulation.

  • Delay Controls:  The delay has controls for Mix, Repeats, and Time.  The mix knob adjusts the level of delay in the signal.  The Repeats knob will dictate the number of times you want the delay to echo.  The time switch allows the more traditional method of controlling tempo.  This is over-ridden when the tap switch is used.

  • Tap Tempo:  This new version of the CopyCat utilizes an extremely accurate tap tempo system.  It average your 3 most recent taps to ensure accuracy in tempo.

  • Sub-Division:  The sub-division knob makes tapping incredibly simple in live situations.  It allows you to tap the switch in quarter notes (beat of the song) and can calculate and convert that tempo to eighth, dotted eighth, triplets, sixteenth, and dotted sixteenth notes.  This is very helpful for getting the classic edge tones or any of the great worship dotted eighth sounds!

  • Trails Switch:  The trails switch changes the way the pedal transitions when turned off.  When the trails are on, the delays will continue and die out after the pedal is turned off.  This allows for really smooth transitions.  When the trails switch is turned off, the delays cut off as soon as the pedal is switched off.  This can create a useful effect when there are sudden breaks in songs, or when dramatically changing the dynamics of a piece.

  • Modulation:  TREMOLO anyone?!?  The modulation of the older CopyCat sounded great, but didn't allow for much versatility.  We decided to try using a tremolo in it's place.  The tremolo, when used in low settings can be great for some breath-taking clean sounds.  The Tremolo can be used at high settings with the delay to create some powerful, textured tones.  Best for last, the delays can be turned off and in turn you essentially have a tap tempo tremolo!

  • Tremolo Controls:  The tremolo's controls are speed, depth, and shape.  The speed control varies the tempo of the tremolo.  The depth control determines how much presence of modulation you want in the effect.  The shape controls what type of tremolo you will get.  This ranges from a sine wave to a square wave and anything in between.

  • Modulation Switch:  This allows you to easily turn the tremolo on and off while still saving your favorite modulation settings!


  • Pristine Delay Sounds with controls for Mix, Repeats, and Time
  • Accurate Tap Tempo with Sub-Division feature
  • Trails switch for varying transitions
  • Built in Modulation (TREMOLO)
  • Tremolo Controls: Speed, Depth, Shape
  • Modulation switch to easily turn tremolo on and off while saving favorite settings
  • Space-saving enclosure (4.7" x 3.7")
  • 3 LED's.  (1) Bypass indicator, (1) Quarter note tap beacon, (1) Sub-divide beacon
  • Requires 9V Power Supply
  • Quality components backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Hand-Made with quality in America

Try one!  This has quickly become our favorite delay and we are sure it will have the same effect on you!

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