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Need something to send your drive tones into a new territory?  Need a slight boost to add some body to your clean tones?  Need something that can get a little dirty like a nice tube amp?  We would like to present you the Left Foot Booster!  We have gone through many different types and varieties of boosts before landing on this one.  We feel that it truly offers maximum versatility for all applications and genres while providing incredibly transparent boost tones and maintaining a small footprint for pedal-board use!  The Left Foot Booster has one knob to control the amount of boost.  This makes it super easy to find great tones and allows for adjustments on the fly in live situations.  This pedal can act as a clean boost at low volumes or when cranked can be nice and gritty like your favorite tube amp!  We even voiced this pedal to work especially well with the Driver.  When both are used together, the great tones you can achieve are truly limitless!


  • Single knob boost
  • Voiced for maximum versatility, clean boosts to overdrive
  • Reacts like your favorite tube amp
  • Designed to work well in conjunction with the Left Foot Driver
  • Space-saving for pedal-boards (3.625" x 1.5")
  • Bright red LED
  • Requires 9V power supply
  • Quality components backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Hand-Made with quality in America

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