Lee Jackson M-1000P


  • Master 1
  • Master 2
  • Speaker Emulation (On/Off)
  • Feedback (On/Off)
  • Bass
  • Mid Shift (Off/1/2/3/4/5)
  • Middle
  • Treble
  • Volume
  • Stage II
  • Masters (1/2)
  • Clean
  • Stage II
  • Bypass?


Lee Jackson

I started experimenting with tube emulation through discrete components.

I have alway found DSP emulation to suck and sound synthetic. So I designed a tube emulator circuit, and then used it in place of a tube in several of my designs and proto'ed one up to hear it.

Well it blew my mind, the first amp circuit I tried it on was the M-1000 amp, then I built an pedal using the XLS-1000 circuit, and what was amazing they had the same characteristics as the original amps.

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