Lectronx Shark Stereo Filter Pedal


  • Lag (footswitch)
    slows down the filter sweeping action in the right channel by an amount determined by the TIME control.
  • Invert (footswitch)
    inverts the right filter so that when the left one is open, the right one is closed. (and vise-versa).
  • Width
    sets the bandwidth or 'Q' of the filter.
  • Range
    sets the high-pass cutoff frequency at the heel position.
  • Time
    determines the lag time of the filter sweep on the right channel. (0 to approx.5 seconds)


the manual

The SHARK is a stereo filter effect. With the adjustable width control, the SHARK can be made to sound smooth like tone control or sharp like a wah wah. And in combination with the other effects, LAG and INVERT, a number of different tonal changes may take place. It will accept mono or stereo inputs and has both mono and stereo outputs. Although you get fantastic stereo sounds and imagery with the SHARK, it's mono output produces many amazing special effects as well as a very clean wah-wah sound.

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  • manual
  • patent (Edwin C. Clothier, United States Patent D345756)

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foot-controlled threadle wah filter eq/excite/filter
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