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This pedal is a tribute to the vintage Boss SG-1. If you have a Boss SG-1 that you don’t want to use because it is so valuable, then you can take the VSW Swell pedal gigging (or wherever) without worrying about damaging your prized original.

The VSW Swell sounds just like an SG-1. Each and every VSW Swell pedal is tested and calibrated against an untouched 1980 vintage SG‑1.

While the VSW Swell gives pure vintage swell, it is technically different to the original SG-1 in a number of areas:

  • The VSW Swell is true-bypass. There is no FET switching as in the original.
  • The VSW Swell uses modern components where appropriate – the signal path contains all metalized polyester capacitors unlike the electrolytic capacitors in the original, and the small-signal transistors are all modern low-noise specification. This makes no difference to the operation of the swell effect, and it does open the sound up a fraction.
  • The two hearts of the beast (the vintage specification 2SK30A FET and 741 opamp) are completely genuine and unchanged.

So, if you have an SG-1 you don’t want to use (or you wish that you did), this VSW Swell pedal may be the answer you’ve been looking for!

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