Lateral Sound Root - Dual Distortion & Overdrive


Lateral Sound

With substantial overdrive into distortion with unique dual-frequency controls, Root is Lateral Sound's uber-versatile dirt pedal.

Separate controls for high and low frequency distortion allow you to dial in extra bulk for a powerful rhythm sound, or add definition to your lead work and cut through a mix. The ‘Girth' control sets the point that lower frequencies distort, allowing you more punch and definition without the flabbiness that can sometimes be experienced if you tune your guitar lower than the norm.

Wind back the gain controls (or your guitar volume) and Root cleans-up nicely for a classic overdriven sound, happily accommodating blues and classic rock players as well as those wanting something a bit heftier. The ability to shape lower frequencies makes Root an excellent match for bass players who want more grind and attitude.

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