Lateral Sound FuzzFix - Vintage Style Germanium Fuzz


Lateral Sound

Introducing the first in a limited run of Germanium Fuzz pedals from Lateral Sound.

This is FuzzFix, a vintage style Germanium fuzz. As with the classic 60s and 70s fuzz pedals, Fuzzfix uses Germanium rather than Silicon transistors. They (the good ones at least) offer a beautifully warm and thick tone, in contrast to the inherently ‘spiky’ and fizzy sound that modern Silicon transistors generate.

FuzzFix is designed to offer flexibility without over-complicating things with too many controls. It features a volume and a tone control, with the amount of fuzz controlled by the volume on your guitar – back off the volume and the sound cleans up.

Constructed using a quality cast aluminium enclosure with a tough ‘hammered’ finish, with Neutrik jack sockets and a Cliff ‘true bypass’ switch. Power is from a standard 9v battery (this pedal has a very low power consumption) and featuring a pair of NOS (new old stock) hand-selected AC128 transistors. Each pedal is numbered and signed by the builder.

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