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Lateral Sound

Lateral Sound's Bit attacks distortion from a different angle, emulating a plug-in effect that's a common sound in electronic music but less widely associated with guitars. Bit-crushing (or to be more accurate in this case, sample rate reduction) produces a unique type of distortion by down-sampling audio in a way that replicates anything from lo-fi digital recordings (like a bad mp3) to total device-failure! This manifests itself as anything from a slight high-end ‘crunchiness' to full-on tone destruction as it chews up any signal fed in.

Bit gives you the option to set a stationary sample rate or to vary it over time with two different oscillators. One has a sine/triangle waveform that sweeps smoothly back and forth, the other is a random-step LFO that staggers around like a drunk, a totally unique sound.

Bit also offers the opportunity to adjust the balance of clean and ‘crushed' audio with the blend control, allowing you to keep things sounding musical at more extreme crush settings.Bit will be more than happy to annihilate the signal from your guitar, bass or whatever other sound that you want to ruin...

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