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The THUNDER BOX donsharizer (TB) is an effect pedal which can make the "DONSHARI" sound.

The word "DONSHARI" comes from Japanese slang. Its a combination of two words; "Don", meaning a low kind of sound, and "shari" meaning a high sound as this pedal selectively boosts only low and high frequencies.

Both highs and lows are controlled with one knob which can powerfully enhance the sound.

This pedal is recommended for electric guitarists who want to get the "DONSHARI" sound, also for musicians or noisicians using a contact microphone. Other effect units can create this effect, however as many of them have equalizers with complex multi functions, the sound may be influenced accordingly. The Thunder Box - Donsharizer (TB), however, focuses on boosting only treble and bass, so unwanted sounds will not pass through the circuit.

  • Controls from the left; "LEVEL" and "DONSHARI":
    • "LEVEL" controls the overall output level when the effect is on.
    • "DONSHARI" controls treble and bass boost, allowing you to get powerful sounds with one control.
  • On the left side, there is an OUTPUT jack, on top of the pedal, there is an AC ADAPTER jack which connects the DC 9 volt AC adapter with a 2.1mm barrel-type negative tip.

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